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international puppet theater festival mit:gefühl

17. till 28. October 2018


„mit:gefühl“ is a play on words regarding senses, emotions and empathy, roughly translating into „with:feeling“ and / or „compassion“. Under this topic productions are presented, which exploit the numerous possibilities of puppet and object theater to address sense perception as well as emotions in an extraordinary way. Empathy is a vital element of puppet theater: the viewer necessarily contributes to the animation of puppets and objects by sypmathizing with them and thereby becomes part of the perfomance himself. He enjoys it when the intellect recedes into the background or at least is questioned playfully for a while. Sight and hearing are the most commonly involved senses in theater, however, smell, touch and taste are possible sensory impulses on stage as well. Or otherwise, the deliberate enunciation of one of the senses can become a theatrical experience.

For all senses

„mit:gefühl“ will be a festival of emotions, a festival for all the senses – and at the same time, it will challenge our empathy, because for us the idea of theater for all the senses also implies the possibility to experience the loss of a sense as well as it demands the inclusion of disabled people to the festival.

Program 2018

The 31 international productions in the festival 2018 present a wide array of different thematic and aesthetic approaches. The program will focus on productions set inbetween the concepts of installation, performance art and theater. It includes a „blind“ theatrical parcour through a mythical parallel world as well as a puppet theater performance in which the mass execution of puppets provokes the empathy of the audience to maybe even make them intervene. Whether as inclusive puppet theater, which represents the live of a puppet as live with certain disabilities, or as intelligent analysis of moral judgements on living with a sex doll – the productions challenge our emotions, empathy, awareness and perception. The exhibition of the internationally renowned German puppet theater artist Frank Soehnle approaches this topic in another way. His theater in particular stands for the crossing of borders and the formal transgression of puppet theater towards musical theater and the visual arts. Public discussions, lectures and workshops will accompany the program. Some performances will be offered with interpretation in sign language.

The program is for adults, teenagers, children and families. Main venues are Münchner Stadtmuseum, Schauburg, Pasinger Fabrik and HochX.

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